City Lifting self-erecting crane Hire United Kingdom

City Liftings self-erecting cranes are the largest fleet of Spierings mobile tower cranes in the United kingdom and are at the forefront of innovative crane technology. These revolutionary machines – ready to work in just 15 minutes – are ideal for city working where space is often a controlling factor in crane selection.

Our self-erecting cranes combine the features of a telescopic crane with those of a conventional tower crane in one machine and in many situations they can achieve a greater radius and lifting duty than that of a standard telescopic crane with the additional bonus of providing a quicker and more cost effective solution to a lifting operation.

Advantages of this type of crane are:

  • Faster set up time – just 15 minutes
  • Can be set up in narrow roads
  • Reaches places other cranes cannot
  • No standoff distance
  • Greater safety – the operator can always see the load
  • Able to fit on smaller areas on site for given capacity
  • Very quick, efficient and productive working
  • Compact for their lifting capacity
  • Lower outrigger loadings for given capacity
  • Flood lights and quiet operation for night working
  • Lifts up to 8 tonnes
  • Fantastic reach over buildings 1.7 tonnes at 60 metres
  • New seven axle crane lifts 5.5 tonnes at 42 metres