Most of our flat top cranes are from Linden Comansa who pioneered this type of crane.

For impossible jobs we have Raimondi MR36+3 cranes with a 2.8m base and 1.0m tower. Also the Terex FC6.24 H
which can be carried through a standard doorway and erected by hand.

Advantages of this type of crane:


No A frame and tie bars for adjacent cranes to clear allowing for lower tower heights. Foundation costs will be lower and operator climbing times will be reduced on multi crane sites

All the forces in the jib act in one direction, tension in the top and compression in the bottom. This completely eradicates pin wear

Much easier and safer to erect. The crane can be erected one piece at a time straight from the delivery truck if there is not enough room to build the jib

Flat Top Crane Fleet:

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