New Boecker crane takes to the sky

In November 2014 City Lifting had an enquiry to install a large amount of glass inside a courtyard of a new 5 star Hotel at trinity square London EC3. Due to the long timescale of the work and the close approaching Christmas embargo for all road closures in London over the Christmas period a mobile crane to install all the glass from the roadway would have been a very slow and expensive process.

As the glazers required the on-site tower crane for 10 hours a day for two months in total the down time on all other lifts from this tower crane would have slowed the rest of the work for all other sub-contractors preventing the job from being finished on time. Once city lifting had visited site we had come up with the solution of using the on-site tower crane for one hour to lift a small boecker mobile crane onto a small flat roof in the middle of the courtyard so that all the lazing could be installed from inside without the need to close and roads. The reason a boecker crane was used is that it weighs only 15,000kg and has a maximum outrigger loading of 12,500kg. A lifting frame was pre made at city lifting’s Purfleet depot and transported to site on a hiab lorry already pre-slung to speed up the process. City lifting undertook a full contract lift using the on-site tower crane and installed the Boecker crane into position for site ready to be used the next day. The crane is due to be removed in 8 weeks’ time once all works have been completed.

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I would like to take this opportunity to formally acknowledge and thank you for all the detailed planning, hard work and effort that ensured the lifting and installation of the new chiller went according to plan over the weekend of the 26-27th July.

- Shane King, St Mary’s Hospital

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with City Lifting on the day. Your team was spot on.

- Des O’Brien, General Manager