Tadano faun ATF 70G-4 Upminster Windmill Cap Removal


The windmill at Upminster was built in 1803 and was in production for 132 years.

During its working life it saw many repairs, but over the last 80 years it has only received limited maintenance, so that now much of the structure is fragile, especially the cap.

Over the next two years the mill is undergoing major restoration which will be complete in 2018. An accomanying Visitor and Education Centre is also being built, which will open in 2017.

As a starting point in the mill’s restoration the sails were removed, and for the first time in its 213year life the cap was craned to the ground.

After extensive preparation work the actual lifting and craning down of the cap took over 30 minutes, a task performed by our Tadano faun ATF 70G-4 with outstanding skill and finesse on the part of the City Lifting Team. The weight of the cap as seen in this video clip is 10.5 tons.

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I just wanted to say how impressed I was with City Lifting on the day. Your team was spot on.

- Des O’Brien, General Manager

Many thanks to everyone for the efforts made by City Lifting last Tuesday, a complete success without any fuss. Well Done.

- Graham Jackson, Director, Littlewood