Our Articulated Jib cranes are from Artic Crane. These cranes are extremely useful on small sites where airspace can be a problem. 

Advantages of this type of crane:


Very small out of service radius and minimum working radius

Faster operation than luffers due to the shorter hoist rope hanging and the very quick folding movement

Level hook path

Drivers like the driving characteristics of the Raptor crane as they are like operating a flat top tower crane

There are now 5 models of Raptor cranes available. 

These cranes are light enough to be internally climbed through the floors of the building

The advantages of floor climbing cranes:


Can build a high building without a massive tower or foundation

Crane in the middle of the building is more effective. Crane operator has to climb a much shorter distance to reach the cab

Crane can be climbed 10 metres in about 2 hours

Can be climbed up to the standard in service wind speed

Crane can be climbed in the dark as all work is carried out from inside the building

Crane can lift within one metre of crane tower giving full coverage of the floor

Articulated Jib Crane Fleet: