bocker quicklifters crane hire Essex

Bocker Quicklifters Crane Hire Essex

If you are looking for bocker quicklifter crane hire in Essex, then City Lifting has the best range of cranes to offer.

Here at City Lifting our fleet of Aluminium boomed Bocker Quicklifters are ideal for light loads with the minimum of fuss or disruption. With the cranes the outriggers can be set in any position and the PLC in the crane will alter the working envelope of the crane to give complete safety. This allows working in tight spaces or the option of leaving the highway open giving considerable cost savings. Outrigger loadings and total weight of the vehicle are very light so less mats are needed and these cranes can operate in areas where a standard crane cannot.


bocker quicklifters


The Agilo mobile hoist is ideal for putting materials onto roofs, through windows or onto balconies. Sets up in minutes and has 400Kg capacity and the platform can be altered depending on what needs to be lifted. Typical applications are furniture into buildings, roofing material and solar cells onto roofs and just about anything that is too big or too much of to carry up the stairs. Saves time, money and is safer than manual handling.

We have taken on a new bocker crane the reason a boecker crane was used is that it weighs only 15,000kg and has a maximum outrigger loading of 12,500kg. A lifting frame was pre made at city lifting’s Purfleet depot and transported to site on a hiab lorry already pre-slung to speed up the process. City lifting undertook a full contract lift using the on-site tower crane and installed the Boecker crane into position for site ready to be used the next day.

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