Introducing City Lifting’s Largest Ever Tower Crane!

The City Lifting team are extremely excited to welcome a huge new addition to our fabulous fleet, the new 21 LC 750 which is none other than the biggest crane from Linden Comansa!

Our brand new 21 LC 750 is undoubtedly one of the market’s most powerful flat-top cranes, and really stands out from the rest in all its features. With a maximum load of a whopping 48 tons, this tower crane is fit for a wide range of projects.


Up to Date, Modern and Technologically Advanced

The creation of this terrific tower crane has been the result of many improvements made from the original Linden Comansa LC 8952, which was the last crane in the well known linden 8000 series. This now means that our brand new 21 LC 750 is completely up to date, modern and cost efficient with an improved design featuring many innovations and technological advances to meet the needs of the market. We would say it’s the best of the best!


High Load Capacities

At City lifting we pride ourselves in providing solutions that others find too difficult, and our new acquirement helps us to do just this. The 21 LC 750 tower crane is the model with more load capacity out of all that Linden Comansa fabricates, allowing us to use none other than the most advanced cranes in our lifting solutions. Our new model also has an automatic trolley change system to adapt the load capacity to the changing requirements of the job, quickly and easily. These characteristics allow us the 21 LC 750 to be useful not only in commercial construction, but also for public works, industrial construction, mining and infrastructures.


Safer and Easier to Erect

One of the main advantages of the new model is the easiness of its erection, as the “cat-head” has been removed, and is no longer used to join together the jib and counter jib. Due to this special design, the jib and counter-jib are instead joined together on the turntable, without any apex section. This way, assembly is easier and faster, with reduced costs, every time the crane is erected.


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Posted 18th September 2017