Contract Lift

There are two options for hiring cranes through City Lifting, CPA (crane hire only) and Contract Lifting (fully contracted). It is important to understand the difference between the two as the obligations on the hirer are different in both circumstances.

Machine Operators

All our machines can be hired with an operator under your own risk, planning and control or, alternatively, we can offer a comprehensive contract lifting service specific to your requirements

Lifting Programmes

This complete service undertakes the entire lifting programme from planning to all-risk insurance, coupled with providing the necessary personnel to get your project completed, efficiently & on time.

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CPA (Crane hire only)

If the crane is hired on a CPA hire only basis, the hirer/client is fully responsible for complying with BS7121 & LOLER regulations.

They must allocate a qualified and competent appointed person to plan and manage the lift. They must also assess and arrange full insurance cover for the lifting operation including loss or damage to lifted loads and loss or damage to the crane and lost revenue.

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The duties of the appointed person are: To assess the proposed lift and select the correct crane. To assess, select and stipulate the correct lifting tackle. To produce a detailed method statement, lift plan, drawings and risk assessment. To implement and manage a safe system of work. To identify the crane outrigger loads and assess the ground load bearing capabilities. To select, appoint and brief the lift supervisor, slinger and signaller. To check the credentials of the crane hire company supplying the crane and check all relevant certification.

With CPA hires the crane hire company is only contracted to supply a properly maintained, tested and certified crane complete with a certified and competent operator. The crane operator must be shown and fully briefed on the method statement, lift plan and risk assessment prior to the commencement of work.

contract lifting services

Contract Lifting

If the lifting operation is carried out on a contract lift basis, the crane hire company takes full control of the lift and provides the appointed person to carry out the lift in compliance with BS7121 & LOLER.

Full insurance cover is also provided by the crane hire company when the operation is carried out as a contract lift. (nb link to insurance page)

City Lifting’s comprehensive contract lifting service includes:

contract lift services

City Lifting’s comprehensive contract
lifting service includes:

  • On-site inspection

  • Job planning

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk management

  • Insurance

  • Method statements

  • All permits

  • Road closures and traffic management

  • Liaise with local authorities

  • Transportation

  • Specialist equipment including lifting tackle