Engine Crane Hire

Engine Crane Hire

City Lifting operates an Engine Crane Hire service with our larger and smaller mini crawler cranes operated by our highly experienced team, trained to the highest safety levels.

What are Engine Cranes?

If you need to remove or fit a new car engine, our engine crane hire services are available to help you carry out an easy transportation. Engine cranes are typically mounted on large casters so that an engine can be lifted straight up out of an engine compartment and then rolled away from the immobile vehicle frame. It is a common repair tool  used and to install engines in crowded vehicle engine compartments.

Most engine cranes are equipped with a telescopic boom which can be extended to reach engine blocks located further into the engine compartment. At the end of t

he boom there is a grab hook where lifting chains, slings or a load leveller can be attached for lifting purposes.

Contact us for Engine Crane Hire

Please call Sam, Karis or Darren on our hire desk on 01708 805550 to book the Engine Crane or ask for a site visit to determine your needs.


Engine Crane Hire

engine crane hire