Factory Removals and Plant Installations

Factory Removals and Plant Installations

Factory Removals and Plant Installations are something City Lifting pride themselves as being good and it and deliver outstanding service.

Moving premises can be a big worry for customers, due to down time of machinery and keeping up with production.City Lifting can ease this worry by offering a service second to none from start to finish.

An early involvement in the planning of factory relocations with your project and guidance through all stages from start to completion will eliminate these worries. We can organise the complete package including disconnecting, de-commissioning, dismantling and removal, then the loading, transportation to new premises, off loading, installation, re-assemble and re-commissioning. Many of our factory relocations only consist of removing, transportation and positioning with the customer happy to do the rest, in-house themselves, whichever way suits you we are here to help.

We pride ourselves that our plant movement and machinery installation teams comprise experienced, dedicated, and highly motivated individuals that excel as team players. Our teams have a ‘can-do’ attitude, whilst always maintaining their awareness of safety issues.

We have a large inventory of new heavy load moving equipment, which provides protection from injury to our operatives and also a speedier, higher quality service for our customers.

Irrespective of the size, shape or fragility of your plant, we can deliver this service throughout the UK and Europe.