Lakeside Shopping Centre New NEXT Store

New next store installed at Lakeside shopping centre

The Grove GMK 6400 Crane was mobilized on Sunday afternoon for the Lakeside Shopping Centre project as this was the only time that we could cause minimum disturbance to the general public and keep the shopping centre fully live and open.

We pre-laid the trackway down for the arrival of the GMK 6400 to drive on, we then arrived with 2x Cranes and 5 Lorry’s, with all the counter ballast and Luffing Fly Jib. We then brought the GMK6400 into position (PIC 1) and then we started to assemble the crane with the use of a 70 tonne capacity rigging crane, we worked through the night under some very tight conditions (PIC’s 2 & 3) to assemble the 79m of Luffing FLY JIB.

From start to finish the whole operation to get the GMK 6400 fully working, operational and ready to work took 14 hours (PIC 4).

We then commenced working for 5 weeks of nights, lifting various materials weighing up to 3 tonnes to a maximum Radius of 94m. This was carried out with by one of our Experienced Specialist Lifting team as a Contract lift. Every item of material that we lifted was done blind to the Crane Operator, all members of the team communicated to one another by hand held Rad

City Lifting completed the lifting phase which allowed the customer to complete this critical phase of the project safely, on time and on budget.

Posted 6th October 2016