London crane health and safety

London Crane Health and Safety

City Lifting accepts all responsibilities as an employer and will undertake all necessary steps to ensure and safeguard the health and safety of our employees and that of other people affected by our operations.

City Lifting accepts all responsibilities as an employer to ensure that we abide by all laws and regulations concerning cranes to make sure we carry out total safe crane hire services. We therefore provide the ultimate London crane health and safety.

What Do We Do?

Our goal at City Lifting is that all the Crane Hire Services and projects that we carry are organised to be completely safe, without any risks to people’s health or the environment.To make sure we operate safe services, our company provides the necessary training and equipment along with personnel protection equipment to all  our employees. Whats more, to ensure the highest standards of mechanical reliability and consistent safe operation, all our cranes and equipment are subject to a rigorous programme of inspection and planned maintenance by our specialist team of engineers and technicians.

City Lifting accepts its responsibilities towards the environment and makes every effort to reduce any actions that may lead to any environmental damage. We also encourage our staff to be environmentally aware of any actions they take.

.London crane health and safety  London crane health and safety