Mini Spider Crane Hire at City Lifting

City Lifting’s Mini Spider Cranes – available for self-hire or with one of our operators

City Lifting’s mini spider crane fleet offers highly compact cranes capable of operating in the most confined spaces.

City Lifting’s spider crane hire fleet offers highly compact cranes capable of operating in the most confined spaces. Each of our spider cranes are ideal for operating across low load bearing doors, and the supportive self-levelling outriggers mean it can manoeuvre across difficult and uneven terrain. This stability of our mini spider cranes enables lifts of up to 8.0t to be carried out, even whilst faced with obstacles or on steps, allowing for stable lifting work.

With the ability to work in the smallest of areas, our fantastic spider cranes are perfectly suited for refurbishment, fitting out, and maintenance operations. Each of our cranes are available for self hire or with one of our operators as part of our contract lifting services. These cranes are ideal for tasks such as handling materials and installation, erecting steel, and plant maintenance, to improve the productivity and safety of your project.

Mini crawler cranes and spider cranes

In order to allow you to get accurate positioning of your load, our expert operators utilise a remote control when directing the mini spider cranes. This remote control is equipped with a micro-speed option designed for projects that require precision, as well as a mode that allows the user to set the speed of movement. Not only this, but the LCD monitor display enables the operator to confirm actual load as well as the rated total load during operation.

Each of our spider cranes can be used inside, and operate using three phase electrical power, making them the ultimate tool for lifting inside buildings as they produce zero emissions when running on electric. These spider cranes are small yet mighty, boasting a boom length of up to 21 metres and lifting capacities of up to 6 tonnes. They are available as contract lift, crane hire, or machine only, and can be run with diesel, or operate silently on mains electric – perfect for working in environmentally sensitive areas. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home office or a DIY garden project, find out about our mini spider cranes here, or get in touch to find the right crane for you on 01621 742978.