Spierings Mobile Tower Crane Hire: Built for accurate lifting and high working speed

Spierings Mobile Tower Crane Hire: Built for accurate lifting and high working speed

Get a strong yet cost-effective solution for your next lifting project.

City Lifting has the largest and most varied fleet of Spierings Mobile Tower Cranes available for hire in the UK. 

Combining the features of a Telescopic Crane with those of a conventional tower crane, they offer a greater radius and lifting duty with the additional bonus of speed and reduced costs. Our Spierings Mobile Tower Cranes can lift all materials on site ranging from your typical building supplies, steelwork, glass and even a London Routemaster Bus! You can view the full case study here.

Mobile Tower Crane Hire

A self-erecting mobile tower crane is a one-of-a-kind design that combines the qualities of a mobile telescopic crane and a traditional static tower crane into a single equipment. 

As a consequence, a new foldable mobile tower crane has been created.

Completing up to twice as many lifts per day as your standard telescopic due to great driver visibility and a quick rigging and de-rigging process, our Spierings Mobile Tower Cranes can help speed up the productivity of your project. Visit our website to view our full fleet available for mobile tower crane hire.

Our fleet of mobile tower cranes provides significant benefits in many situations where a telescopic crane is utilised, providing more mobility, flexibility, reach, and adaptability. 

Our mobile tower cranes can lift up to 10 tonnes and have a maximum operating radius of 60 metres. These innovative devices can be put to use in less than 15 minutes – this specialised crane is perfect for city operations, where space is frequently a deciding issue in crane selection. Mobile tower cranes outperform traditional telescopic cranes, giving a more practical, faster, and cost-effective option, as well as a slew of additional advantages to a lifting operation.

Spierings SK1265-AT6

The six-axle crane is one of the largest Mobile Tower Cranes in the world. Its powerful engine, high-performance pneumatic brake system, and excellent overview increase safety on construction sites and public roads. Check out our spec sheet here.

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If you would like further information and specifications on mobile tower cranes or any other cranes within our fleet please visit our fleet page or get in touch via email at hire@citylifting.co.uk or call us on 01621 742978.