Tower Crane Hire: Raising Crane Hire Standards Since 1981 – Luffing Jib Cranes

Tower Crane Hire: Raising Crane Hire Standards Since 1981 – Luffing Jib Cranes

We offer an extensive, modern fleet of luffing jib, articulated jib, remotely controlled cranes and more as part of our tower crane hire service for residential and commercial construction sites.

Tower Crane Hire

We pride ourselves in giving an excellent tower crane hire service including:

  • Very good crane and driver reliability
  • Erection and Dismantling of cranes on time
  • Fast efficient cranes
  • Regular servicing carried out by our own technicians

If others can’t do it we will have the right crane for difficult access.

From our yard in Mundon, Essex we now operate a fleet of about 150 cranes. The tower crane fleet consists of Flat top cranes from Comansa, luffing jib cranes from Wolff and Raimondi and articulated cranes from Artic Crane.

Different construction sites demand different lifting solutions. Our experienced team can assist you in hiring the right crane for the job. Here is a breakdown of one of our most popular crane types:

Luffing jib cranes

Luffing jibs are versatile tower cranes, suitable for any construction site and useful for smaller sites where oversailing needs to be managed or multiple cranes required.


Luffing jib cranes are an excellent solution for residential sites or any construction site with limited space in dense urban areas. Luffers can work with their jibs raised for the construction of very tall buildings, thus reducing the mast height required for the crane to clear the building. They offer a short in and out of service radius, which will avoid potential issues with oversailing nearby properties, and several luffing jib cranes can be placed close to each other to maximise ‘hook time’ for sites with large volumes of lifting work.

Check out our full selection of currently available luffing jib cranes for hire.

Please call us on 01621 742 978 to quote for the tower crane you require or ask for a site visit to determine your needs.