Trevor Jepson – Owner at City Lifting

 The Spierings crane is the crane of choice for all lifting jobs up to 3 tonnes and with a maximum radius of 60 metres. This means the crane is a real all-rounder that can be used in more than 80% of all lifting jobs. A real workhorse that is up to handling even the most challenging situations.

City Lifting is a specialized crane hire company based near London. They have a large fleet of Spierings cranes and are at the forefront of this, as they call it: “innovative crane technology.” “This revolutionary equipment is ready to work in just 15 minutes and is ideal for work in the city, where space is often a determining factor in the crane selection.”

“At Spierings, there is always a solution to every problem. They are also always available. It amazes me that they always find things that could be improved.”

“Spierings cranes have many advantages. For example, they set-up really quick and they do not need much room. In England it is very expensive to block a road, so for us these are really important benefits.”

“The crane has a long reach, you have a good view from the cabin, certainly with the trolley camera. So they are great for roofing, glass jobs or placing air conditioners. It works quickly because only the trolley needs to be moved to change radius.“
















Posted 20th April 2016